Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

Direct Grants

Do you know of a group that has a specific need? Are you donating time to an organization that could use some help?


There are dozens of organizations who receive grants from the Foundation each year. This support is in response to specific grant requests soliciting help for a specific need, and are not in the form of gifting to a general or annual campaign. Each Foundation Trustee is assigned a liaison role with one or more of these organizations to insure their involvement with the process.


We prefer to deal with organizations which have some relationship to a member of the family, and the opportunity is considered especially favorably when that family member has an active volunteer relationship. Foundation participation can recognize such a volunteer initiative, which makes that person’s efforts even more recognized and rewarding.


As a rule, we do not give direct grants to general operational fund raising campaigns. Rather, we prefer to respond to a specific fund raising request for an emergency need, or to help underwrite a new or special program (something that is not already covered as part of the group's existing budget).


Generally, we limit grant gifts to once a year, per organization. Our average grant is about $4,000.

It never hurts to ask—just reach out to any Board member with questions.


Matching Gifts

Many of us donate money during the year to organizations that capture our hearts. Increase the size of your donation with our matching gift program—It's easy! Matching gifts are used to encourage family members to donate to worthwhile organizations.


Are you organizing a collection and plan to get several family members to make donations. You can simply keep a list of which family members contributed and how much, submit the info all at once to the Foundation and we will write one large matching check.


Follow these steps:

• Participate in a charity that you like! Look for non-profit charities with a registered 501c3 number. This number is usually listed on their website (and we need for them to be a 501c3 in order to match your gift).


• Write your check and make a photo copy or scan a copy of your check. If you are making an online donation, print a copy of the receipt page (or a screen print saved as a JPEG).


• Send a copy of the check or receipt page along with a short note indicating:

          - who to make the matching check to

          - the address to send the matching check to

          - any additional info that needs to be included


• Email the info to AuerFamilyFoundation@gmail.com, Linda Auer at preston231@aol.com, or fax it "Attn. Linda" at 818-702-9156.


• Mail your check and/or submit your online payment as you normally would. The Foundation will mail in the matching check with a note referencing your original donation.


For adults, 30 years old or older, the gift matched must be at least $50 and is matched at a straight 1 to 1 rate. It is limited to one gift to the same organization, per family per calendar year. This doesn’t mean multiple families can’t have matching gifts to the same organization within the same year (that actually happens often). There’s no upper limit stipulated, but the Foundation retains the right to limit the size of a matching gift. Some matching gifts to date have reached as high as $2,500. We have simplified the process for any family member under 30 years of age with a new 2 for 1 program.


If you have any questions on how to get a matching gift, please talk to one of the Board members and/or to Linda Auer.


For all gifts/donations, direct or matching, the organization receiving the gift must be a recognized charitable organizations (recognized by IRS as a registered 501c3 charitable organization). Most charities will list this info on their website.