Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

How We Work

The most basic and rewarding aspect of the Auer Family Foundation is to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of those who get involved in charitable initiatives.



It’s easy to get involved. You can request a matching gift.


If you are involved with a charitable organization and are donating your time, let the Foundation know about it. We can discuss ways that the Foundation might be able to add to your efforts with a direct financial grant.


Direct Grants

Our board members present grant proposals year round. There are dozens of organizations who receive grants from the Foundation each year. This support is in response to specific grant requests soliciting help for a specific need, and are not in the form of gifting to a general or annual campaign. Each Foundation Trustee is assigned a liaison role with one or more of these organizations to insure their involvement with the process.


We prefer to deal with organizations which have some relationship to a member of the family, and the opportunity is considered especially favorably when that family member has an active volunteer relationship. Foundation participation can recognize such a volunteer initiative, which makes that person’s efforts even more recognized and rewarding. As a rule, we do not give direct grants to general operational fund raising campaigns. Rather, we prefer to respond to a specific fund raising request for an emergency need, or to help underwrite a new or special program (something that is not already covered as part of the group's existing budget). Generally, we limit grant gifts to once a year, per organization. Our average grant is about $4,000.


Do you know of a group that has a specific need? Are you donating time to an organization that could use some help? It never hurts to ask—just reach out to any Board member with questions.





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