Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

How We Work

The most basic and rewarding aspect of the Auer Family Foundation is to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of those who get involved in charitable initiatives.


It’s easy to get involved. You can request a matching gift or if you are involved with a charitable organization and are donating your time, let the Foundation know about it. We can discuss ways that the Foundation might be able to add to your efforts with a financial grant.


Many of us donate to various charities that are important to us, or support a friend that is raising money for a cause. You can double or triple the size of your contribution by taking advantage of the Foundation's matching gift program. The Foundation will match your donation. Last year the Foundation matched over $8,000 in family gifting.


For all gifts/donations, direct or matching, the organization receiving the gift must be a recognized charitable organizations (recognized by IRS as a registered 501c3 charitable organization). Most charities will list this info on their website.


If you have an idea about a worthy charity and/or matching gift, you can reach out to a family member or board member to discuss how to get the process started—it’s simple to contact us.




2 Year Report