Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

A Note From The Board....

2017-18 was busy for the Foundation. We provided over $137,000 in grants to over 30 different charity groups.


We continue to see grant requests from groups that have direct ties to one or more of our family members. This is exactly the type of activity that we as a Foundation (and a family) want to encourage and support.


Some of the programs involved taking time to help mentor young adults. Brittany has been involved with iMentor and Julie has worked with SOHO—devoting their time to provide positive role models for others.


We have also sponsored several programs to help provide additional assistance to young adults with Autism. We have come to learn that traditional support often ends when a child reaches adulthood, so these program help to bridge that gap by providing continued assistance to these young adults and their families.


Please see the highlights of some of our grants in this report.


One of the main parts of the mission is to encourage local community involvement. Family members were active coordinating matching Foundation gifts for their individual fundraising efforts. Sue participated in the Avon 39 (mile) walk to help raise money to combat breast cancer. Many others helped raise money for their own favorite groups. Over the two years, the Foundation had matching gift requests totaling more than $16,000.00


Our goal continues to be to keep our Family at the center of the Auer Family Foundation.


Have a question, an idea, or a group that you would like to support? Just reach out to a present or past Trustee and they can help get the ball rolling. There is no limit to what we can do if we work together as one really big family.