Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

History of Foundation’s Board Members/Trustees & Officers:


December 1993


Auer Family Foundation organized. First Trustees and Officers:


Mary M. Auer, President, Edmund R. Auer - Secretary Treasurer



February 1995


Sandi Auer, Mary Pat Pino, and James Auer were appointed as Trustees



March 1996


Bill Auer was elected as Trustee



November 2000


Sandi Auer resigned from the Board and Suzanne Auer was elected to replace her



January 2003


Mary Pat Pino resigned as Trustee and was replaced by William H. Pino



September 2007


Mary M. Auer resigned as Trustee and President, and was appointed Honorary Trustee


It was decided that new Trustees shall be appointed for a five year term


It was decided that existing Trustees shall serve the following remaining terms:


Jim Auer - Thru 2008


William Auer - Thru 2008


Suzanne Auer - Thru 2009


Will Pino - Thru 2010


Edmund Auer - No term



January 2008


Linda Auer and Jessica Weber were elected Trustees effective 1/1/2008



January 2009


Dan Auer and Joseph Auer were elected Trustees effective 1/1/2009


William Auer was elected Finance Director, effective 1/1/2009



January 2010


John C. Auer was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2010.



January 2011


Jeanne Bonanno was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2011.



January 2012


Molly Rogers was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2012.



January 2014


Steve Auer and Brittany Auer were elected Trustees effective 1/1/2014.


Linda Auer was elected Treasurer, effective 1/1/2014



January 2016


Carolyn Auer and Ellie Auer were elected Trustees effective 1/1/2016


Dan Auer elected President, effective 1/1/16



January 2017


Jim Auer was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2017


Mary pat Pino joined as an Executive Council Advisor



January 2019


Kim Auer was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2019


Mary pat Pino was elected Trustee effective 1/1/2019