Encouraging and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving within the communities of family members

Who We Are

Supporting charitable organizations and promoting philanthropic involvement since 1993 when the Auer Family Foundation was founded by Peggy and Ed Auer.


An important component of the primary mission was to encourage charitable volunteerism by their ten children and their spouses. The Foundation provided financial support to organizations benefiting from their volunteer involvement, and to encourage charitable giving in the family, the Foundation offered matching gifts.



Peggy and Ed Auer passed away in 2010. The family continues the Foundations’ work in their memory. The board and supporting staff are all members of the Auer family and have included their children, their children’s spouses, and many of their twenty-five grandchildren. Trustees serve a five year term, and are drawn from the family ranks. Currently, two grandchildren are among the seven appointed Trustees.



Current Board Members/Trustees:


Edmund R. Auer, Chairman (in memoriam)



Carolyn Auer Sturr, serving thru 2022


Ellie Auer, serving thru 2022


Jim Auer, serving thru 2023


Kim Auer, serving thru 2025


Mary pat Pino, serving thru 2025


Mimi Auer, serving thru 2027


Julie Hawkins, serving thru 2027

Other Officers:


Dan Auer, President


William Auer, Financial Manager


Linda Auer, Treasurer


Mary pat Pino, Executive Council Advisor



Trustee and Board Member History