The Auer Family Foundation

Auer Mission...


The Auer Family Foundation was founded in 1993 by Peggy and Ed Auer. An important component of Foundations primary mission is to encourage charitable volunteerism by their 10 children and their spouses by providing financial support to those organizations benefiting from this volunteer involvement, and to encourage charitable giving in the family by offering matching grants.


There are dozens organizations who receive grants from the Foundation each year. This support is in response to specific grant requests soliciting help for a specific need, and are not in the form of gifting to a general or annual campaign. Each Foundation Trustee is assigned a liaison role with one or more of these organizations to insure their involvement with the process. Trustees serve a five year term, and are drawn from the family ranks. Currently, two grandchildren are among the seven appointed Trustees.


The word "Family" in The Auer Family Foundation has proven to be very meaningful.

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